What Is A Keto Diet and Is It Healthy?

Though I typically stick with a whole foods diet, lately I’ve been hearing lots of buzz around the new keto diet. Curious what this is? Here’s what I’ve learned about it:

People also refer to a keto diet as a low carb diet. It broadly involves reducing carbs in your regular meals. Other people call it a low carb high-fat diet. Therefore, if you are looking to go on a ketogenic diet, you can maximize on the good fats and reduce the intake of carbs. However, the keto diet goes beyond just reducing carbs in your meal. A low carb diet triggers the body to produce ketones. Ketones are small molecules in the body that act as fuel. The body provides these molecules whenever there is a shortage of glucose. The liver produces ketones. They are an alternative source of energy used all through the body. The most vital body organ is the brain. It requires energy from glucose or ketones to function effectively. When the body produces ketones, it is in a state known as ketosis.

The Keto Diet is made up of low carb but high fat meals.

Types of Ketogenic Diets

There is a vast range of low carb high-fat diet. Some of which are;

  • Cyclical ketogenic diet
  • Standard ketogenic diet
  • Targeted ketogenic diet
  • High protein ketogenic diet

What to eat on a ketogenic diet

As mentioned before, a keto diet focuses on low carb, high-fat foods. Popular foods one might consume on this diet include:

  • Produce: Lots of greens! Many varieties of lettuce, spinach, collard greens, kale, celery, asparagus, and avocados are all great options.
  • Meat and Seafood: Anything from your local meat and seafood counter is probably keto-compliant. Beef, chicken, bacon, fish, lobster, mussels, and even hot dogs are all fantastic options, plus these are high in protein to help you stay full.
  • Dairy: Cheese, eggs, butter, milk – anything that comes from a cow is fantastic. Eggs are also an excellent option, especially for easy breakfasts!
  • Fats: Keto experts recommend most types of oils and some animal fats.

If cleaning out your pantry and switching to keto foods sounds overwhelming, you may want to try out a keto food delivery service to get started. There are many companies that will deliver keto meal kits, prepared meals, meats, and even snacks and cereals to your doorstep, to make keto eating easier!

Reasons why people go on a keto diet

People have discovered various benefits of the keto diet. Below are the low carb diet’s benefits you should know of:

1. It aids in weight loss

Research has shown that people on a keto diet lose twice the weight, individuals on a low-fat diet lose. Carbohydrates are enemies of weight loss. You can reduce the body mass or maintain a healthy weight on a low carb diet.

2. Treat certain cancer

Patients of various types of cancer are on a ketogenic diet to treat their condition, as it is thought to weaken cancer cells. The low carb high-fat diet also reduces the chances of tumor growth in the body.

3. Keeps diabetes and pre-diabetes at bay

The keto diet mainly deals with type two diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and pre-diabetes. Excess fat in the body causes these conditions. A low carb diet aids in losing the unwanted fats.

4. Reduces acne

If you are struggling with acne, lowering sugar intake will help a great deal. Processed foods also enhance dead skin cells on your face. A ketogenic diet reduces the intake of both insulin and processed meals.

Keto diet is a type of healthy diet.

Is The Keto Diet Healthy?

The keto diet has numerous benefits that attract people especially those looking to lose weight. However, is the low carb high fat diet safe? A lot of experts feel that the low carb diet is unhealthy.

Some people on the keto diet, have lost weight significantly in as less as ten days. Such dramatic progress has raised eyebrows, opening the subject to debate and more research. Some people claim it is a dangerous way to lose weight as much as its results are attractive. If you are on a keto diet to lose weight, you may realize results quickly. However, you will experience fatigue, diminished muscles, and go into a phase of starvation. After some time your weight reduction is less progressive.

A ketogenic diet used on cancer patients under the supervision of a doctor works. A low carb high-fat diet for cosmetic purposes is too extreme. Keto followers risk of heart damage or may experience issues with their liver and kidney. Before going on a keto diet, be sure to consult your doctor.


A keto diet involves reducing carbohydrate intake in the body. It has numerous benefits including weight loss and curing chronic diseases. As it may seem like a blessing in disguise, the low carb diet is not entirely healthy.

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